Science Labs

The Science Labs at ARIS accommodate a wide range of hands-on, practical courses in the natural and experimental sciences appropriate to Years 7 through 13.

The IB Diploma Programme offers a progression in the shape of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at Higher or Standard Level. Typically a student's choices pair Biology and Chemistry, or Chemistry and Physics. These are the best ways of preparing for university study in science-related fields.

Unique to the IB Diploma Programme, however, is the transdisciplinary Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) course. The ESS course meets the requirements of both Groups 3 and 4 in the DP curriculum. Here the human impact of scientific discoveries is explored, including the impact on individuals and on societies in the global context. The student's thought processes generate links across the traditional disciplines, links which perhaps more accurately reflect the real world in which we live, rather than one conventionally compartmentalised. The ESS student is required to become acquainted with, and use, the research methodologies germane to the human and experimental sciences, and to derive an informed understanding from his or her research findings. Importantly, however, we are excited to be introducing another of the group 4 subjects; Sports, Exercise and Health Science, at the IBDP level in order to ensure that we provide a complete list of courses that are of particular interest to our students. It is our expectation that students who have already developed some passion for sports will find it fulfilling as well as providing an informed avenue for them to explore their talents and abilities.

The student who dreams, for example, of becoming a scientist, an architect, an engineer, a doctor, pharmacist or other health professionals, will find that the Science Lab facilities in ARIS hold the right combination of courses to unlock the doors of discovery―the young scientist can experience the wonder and excitement of the traditional disciplines, and perhaps catch a glimpse of inchoate disciplines of the future. Every illustrious scientist, whether discoverer or inventor, began in school.

In the modern-day, the starting point of our young student's dreams is the school Science Lab. Currently, at ARIS there are just three, one each for Biology, Chemistry and Physics respectively. The spaces available, the furniture, fixtures and fittings, and the state of the art equipment together exist to facilitate our student's embarkation and to provide the stimulus, the motivation and the practical necessities for the journey. A journey that will be exciting, hands-on but safe.

The Science Department staff at ARIS, teachers and technicians alike, are individually and collectively dedicated to their professional objectives, highly qualified and experienced. They are deeply committed to the academic development and success of each student. And perhaps one day they may be proud of having been the teacher of that genius!