Student Representative Council

Congratulations to the 2018/19 ARIS Secondary Student Representative Council (SRC) Members! We are so proud to announce that –

Head Girl
Catherine Kassar 

Head Boy
Doji Ajei 

Assistant Head Boy
Khaled Shaarani 

Assistant Head Girl
Meera Bheenick 

Head of Class Representatives
Sara Baroudi 

The Investiture Ceremony held at both schools is the Official Appointment of Duties to our elected SRC Members for the Academic Year ahead. This year, at our Secondary Investiture, Lady Edna Quartey was our Guest Speaker.

In her speech, she gave the students the advice to be themselves and be honest in their duty, for the members of the SRC to be empowered and make a lasting impact on ARIS.

Subsequently, the SRC Members – Head Boy, Head Girl, Assistant Head Boy, Assistant Head Girl, Head of Class Representatives and all the Class Representatives from Year 7 to Year 13 were called on stage to receive their Badges and take their Oath, which was led by our Guest Speaker.

Upon being appointed, the Head Boy and Head Girl delivered their speeches stating that they are ready to take on the duties and responsibilities that come with the post, and that they promise to represent the student body and seek their respect and trust to do so.

We are so excited for the year ahead with the SRC Members and are sure that they will indeed leave a lasting impact on ARIS!