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For more information on our current school operation level and communication you can contact us, use the following channels:

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  • Employment: recruitment@aris.edu.gh
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Admission Procedures

Al-Rayan International School (ARIS) is dedicated to serving international and local families. The Admissions Manager is dedicated to helping each family find the school that is the best match for them.

Every family has a different need, please use the resources of this website as the starting point for your inquiry, but remember: nothing is quite the same as experiencing the school environments in person.

ARIS knows that starting or changing school is a big step, particularly internationally. This can be a little intimidating. The ARIS Admissions Procedures are clear and transparent, this enables you to plan ahead as efficiently as possible. Below you will find an overview of the ARIS Admission Process, from pre-inquiry through official enrolment.

Before you decide to apply to ARIS, you must decide that ARIS is right for you, and your ward. The Admission personnel are available to help you do just that. ARIS has provided a number of different resources online to accompany you during this stage of the enquiry and pre-application research.

Once you have decided to apply to ARIS, the time comes for submitting the application packet. Exactly what is required varies slightly depending on the age of your child. Please download the appropriate file below. Completed files may be returned by email to communication@aris.edu.gh or via post.

Download Applications

  Application for Foundation
  Application for Primary
  Application for Secondary

As soon as ARIS receives the completed application packet from you, the file will undergo a detailed review by the Admissions Manager, along with members of our Senior Management Team (SMT); the School Principal, the Head of Primary/Secondary School and other members of the educational team, as believed appropriate. Each application is given careful consideration. We are looking for internationally minded families/candidates who are committed to the ARIS mission and aims. ARIS will make the determination if the individual(s) will benefit from the curriculum and if their qualities will make a positive contribution. Some applicants will have additional entry requirements, please see our Admissions Policy

Within two weeks of receiving a completed application packet, the Admissions Manager communicates the information regarding the next steps. Of course, this timing may be adjusted during peak admission seasons. However, communication is always open as the process moves forward. Please see our admission flowchart

When the Admissions Manager has reached a decision, this is communicated to you via email. If your ward is accepted and we have a suitable space available, the school will arrange an admission assessment, where applicable, it will be carried out at school. In the Secondary School, the assessment is in the form of three tests, in English, Mathematics, and Science respectively. After the assessment is marked, you may be offered a place at the school with an official welcome letter. The Welcome letter will give you specific instructions on how to proceed. Applications are handled on a first come first served basis. Sometimes, we have a number of candidates competing for the same spot, and in such cases, some applicants, unfortunately, have to be offered spaces on the waiting list, in that event priority is given to siblings of current students in good standing. A child’s place on the waiting list is determined by the date the application is completed and all documentation and payments are received.

Sometimes ARIS must deny admission to candidates. This normally occurs when the Admissions personnel, along with the Principal find that ARIS would not be the most appropriate environment for the student, based on the services that we offer. In such instances, we try our best to assist families in finding a suitable alternative in the area.

If your child is accepted to ARIS, a starting date will be agreed upon and the Contract of Agreement will be signed. You will be asked to submit the registration fee to finalize the enrolment and secure your wards place. The registration fee is a one-time payment and non-refundable. A registration invoice will follow your acceptance letter outlining all fee payment requirements. The school requires that all documents are complete and all expected fees are paid in full before the student commences.

Admission is conditional upon parental agreement that students will participate fully in the curriculum and all related activities. The school curriculum does not include elements that would be disrespectful to any race or religion.

Should it transpire that the school cannot offer education appropriate to a particulars child’s needs, the parents may be requested to withdraw the child. In the highly unlikely event of a student causing serious disciplinary problems, parents may also be requested to withdraw their child.