School Fees

No student will be permitted to start attending ARIS until registration fees, capital Levy fees and tuition payments have been made. In consideration of the School's acceptance of a student, parents/guardians shall agree to the tuition and fee requirements set by the School and will be responsible for all charges due. The enrolment of a student is an individual contract between the parent/guardian and the School, regardless of any arrangement a parent may have with his/her employer concerning payment of the fees.

The parent/guardian remains responsible for payment of all School fees for his/her child. All fees are payable in US dollars or equivalent local currency. No foreign currency payments are acceptable. Payment must be made in advance according to schedules prepared by the Board.
Payment of Fees Schedule For continuing student’s fee invoices will be due on the 10th May and the 1st of November each year. All fees should be paid within 30 days or one month of the issue of this invoice.

Fees are payable in advance: new students will be admitted subject to full fees being paid within 5 working days from the date of admission. Returning students have 30 days to have fees paid in full. Exceptions to this are embassies and companies who pay for fees but in instalments according to their embassy or company policy. This must be approved by the Director. See ARIS Fee structure 2017/18.


Should fees be paid after the due date noted on the invoice, a late fee of US$100 will be levied. Any amounts overdue for more than 30 days will accrue an additional late penalty fee at the rate of 5% per month.

If fees are not received after the first week of the semester, the student concerned will not be permitted to attend school until the fees and penalty payment are received in full.

Student records and Progress Reports will not be released to parents or other educational institutions until all outstanding fees are paid in full. The School will, in good faith, try to circumvent any action to prevent the disruption of a student’s educational course of study.

The parents or guardians are ultimately responsible for any action for which the School must undertake to ensure tuition payments. Any pending action by the School for non-payment will be reported to the Board for their information. The School will always communicate notice of pending action to responsible parties prior to any action.

  • Students withdrawing after the commencement of a semester forfeit the remainder of that semester’s fees.
  • Parents must provide one full semester advance written notice to the School Head if they intend to withdraw their child. Failure to provide this notice will incur a fine of one semester school fees.
  • Fee notices are issued one month before the deadline. Late payments will incur a flat fee of $100 unless prior written arrangements have been made with the School Head/Finance Department.
  • Any amounts overdue for more than 30 days will accrue an additional late penalty fee at the rate of 5% per month.
  • All requests relating to fee payment schemes and withdrawals must be made in writing to the School Head/Administration.


  • All Fees, once paid are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Students enrolling at any time after the start of the semester required to pay the half-yearly payment in full. Application, Admission and Annual Fees are also payable in full.
  • No pro rate refunds will be made. Students, who attend school less than a semester or academic year, will pay the full semester fee.
  • ALL BANK CHARGES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PAYER: for all bank transfers, guardians/parents should include an additional amount of 2.5% of the total fees as bank charges.

For detailed information on ARIS Annual Tuition Fees, we would invite you to please contact us