Reference: Student Age to Class

Below is a reference table relating the chronological age of students to their class in ARIS, in comparison with the United States system.

Chrono AgeUK School / ARISARIS ProgrammeUS School
0-3Pre-Playgroup / PlaygroupEYPN/A
3-4NurseryIB PYPPre-Kindergarten 1
4-5ReceptionIB PYPPre-Kindergarten 2
5-6Year 1IB PYPKindergarten
6-7Year 2IB PYPGrade 1
7-8Year 3IB PYPGrade 2
8-9Year 4IB PYPGrade 3
9-10Year 5IB PYPGrade 4
10-11Year 6IB PYPGrade 5
11-12Year 7IB MYP *Grade 6
12-13Year 8IB MYP *Grade 7
13-14Year 9Secondary 1: IGCSE **Grade 8
14-15Year 10Secondary 2: IGCSE **Grade 9
15-16Year 11Secondary 2: IGCSE **Grade 10
16-17Year 12Upper Secondary: IBDP-1Grade 11
17-19Year 13Upper Secondary: IBDP-2Grade 12

 * ARIS is a candidate school for MYP
** Currently, as we are gradually shifting from the IGCSE programme to the MYP, we have adopted the strategy of smoothly transiting from the skills acquired at the IGCSE level and zoning into the MYP. Our year 7 and 8 students are currently on the MYP (1 &2) as we seamlessly phase out the 9 – 11 off the IGCSE.

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