Reference: Student Age to Class

Below is a reference table relating the chronological age of students to their class in ARIS, in comparison with the United States system.

Chrono AgeUK School / ARISARIS ProgrammeUS School
0-3Pre-Playgroup / PlaygroupEYPN/A
3-4NurseryIB PYPPre-Kindergarten 1
4-5ReceptionIB PYPPre-Kindergarten 2
5-6Year 1IB PYPKindergarten
6-7Year 2IB PYPGrade 1
7-8Year 3IB PYPGrade 2
8-9Year 4IB PYPGrade 3
9-10Year 5IB PYPGrade 4
10-11Year 6IB PYPGrade 5
11-12Year 7Secondary 1Grade 6
12-13Year 8Secondary 1Grade 7
13-14Year 9Secondary 1Grade 8
14-15Year 10Secondary 2: IGCSEGrade 9
15-16Year 11Secondary 2: IGCSEGrade 10
16-17Year 12Upper Secondary: IBDPGrade 11
17-19Year 13Upper Secondary: IBDPGrade 12


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