Homework and Stationery

Aim of homework is

  • To consolidate children’s learning and understanding of topics covered in class
  • To help develop time management skills (in order to prepare for the more rigorous demands of secondary school)
  • To help develop self -discipline
  • To create opportunities for pupils to extend themselves on a variety of topics
  • To allow for children to express what they know in a variety of different ways

Homework should be

  • Linked to and supporting the work that is being completed in class that week
  • Assisting in the mastery of basic academic skills, such as reading, writing, spelling, research and mathematics
  • Engaging, with a variety of activities
  • Giving opportunities to show family members what they have learnt

Parents’ Role with Homework

  • Ensure that pupils have a quiet working environment for completion of homework
  • Guiding children when they are experiencing minor difficulties by asking questions and modeling how to find answers
  • Direct and guide children on where to find answers (but not giving them the answers )
  • Communicating to class teacher when children are experiencing some difficulty with tasks or particular topics
  • Communicating with the class teacher for guidance on “how” to assist on topics
  • Guide students onto recommended websites for reinforcement or extension

Structure of Homework

  • All pupils have a diary, reading log and homework book and/or activities.
  • Teachers have discretion on when homework is set and due back:
    • e.g. Arabic Year 2-6: Homework is given on Monday and submitted on Friday
    • Monday to Friday for Spelling etc.
    • Monday to Monday for projects, presentations, research etc.
  • Regular feedback from teacher will be provided: acknowledgement, corrections, comments etc.
  • Email / google classroom are used for upper Primary as a communication back-up
  • Photocopy sheets are kept to a minimum
  • School diary is used for communication between parents and teachers

MFL Homework

  • Time allocation for Arabic /Hindi/French homework must be adhered to so students are not overburdened

Homework Duration

  • Lower Primary: approx. 15-30 minutes
  • Higher Primary: approx. 45-60 minutes