Our Campus is Closed.
Our Learning Continues.

We are virtually learning at this time while our campus is under a government closure decree. Our learning continues, check the ARIS Virtual Learning Programme page (under construction) to know more about how students will remotely continue to study during this time.

For more information on our current school operation level and communication you can contact us, use the following channels:

  • Admissions: +233 54 392 9191 or click on Enroll Now
  • Employment: recruitment@aris.edu.gh
  • Finance Payments: studentaccounts@aris.edu.gh
  • IT Support: support@aris.edu.gh
  • Early Childhood Center: emaatouk@aris.edu.gh
  • Primary School: dsadek@aris.edu.gh
  • Middle School & Secondary School: amukherjee@aris.edu.gh dtham@aris.edu.gh

Homework and Stationery

Aim of homework is

  • To consolidate children’s learning and understanding of topics covered in class
  • To help develop time management skills (in order to prepare for the more rigorous demands of secondary school)
  • To help develop self -discipline
  • To create opportunities for pupils to extend themselves on a variety of topics
  • To allow for children to express what they know in a variety of different ways

Homework should be

  • Linked to and supporting the work that is being completed in class that week
  • Assisting in the mastery of basic academic skills, such as reading, writing, spelling, research and mathematics
  • Engaging, with a variety of activities
  • Giving opportunities to show family members what they have learnt

Parents’ Role with Homework

  • Ensure that pupils have a quiet working environment for completion of homework
  • Guiding children when they are experiencing minor difficulties by asking questions and modeling how to find answers
  • Direct and guide children on where to find answers (but not giving them the answers )
  • Communicating to class teacher when children are experiencing some difficulty with tasks or particular topics
  • Communicating with the class teacher for guidance on “how” to assist on topics
  • Guide students onto recommended websites for reinforcement or extension

Structure of Homework

  • All pupils have a diary, reading log and homework book and/or activities.
  • Teachers have discretion on when homework is set and due back:
    • e.g. Arabic Year 2-6: Homework is given on Monday and submitted on Friday
    • Monday to Friday for Spelling etc.
    • Monday to Monday for projects, presentations, research etc.
  • Regular feedback from teacher will be provided: acknowledgement, corrections, comments etc.
  • Email / google classroom are used for upper Primary as a communication back-up
  • Photocopy sheets are kept to a minimum
  • School diary is used for communication between parents and teachers

MFL Homework

  • Time allocation for Arabic /Hindi/French homework must be adhered to so students are not overburdened

Homework Duration

  • Lower Primary: approx. 15-30 minutes
  • Higher Primary: approx. 45-60 minutes