Daily Departure/Dismissal

Parents should ensure that students are picked up punctually. A youngster may be stressed (and those adults still waiting on campus!) if s/he is wondering why there has been a deviation from the routine arrangement.

If appropriate, a student may go home with a friend if s/he brings a permission note from a parent and gives it to the Homeroom Teacher at the beginning of the day. The note should include the full name of the friend.

If a student is to be picked up by someone other than usual, please notify Reception.

If for unavoidable reasons a Primary School sibling is obliged to wait for his/her brother or sister to conclude the Secondary School day, the sibling should wait in the shaded canteen area. Primary School children must not be allowed to wander around unsupervised; they may present a danger to themselves and others (please refer next Section).

No student is allowed to go home in any car or bus other than his/her own unless Reception is informed. There is no formal supervision on campus after 15.30 except for those students involved in supervised activities.