Emergency Evacuation Procedure

Only one thing matters: Safety

In the event of a fire or any other emergency necessitating urgent evacuation of the Secondary School building, students must:

  • Immediately stop whatever they are doing
  • Leave all possessions exactly where they are
  • Follow the teacher’s instructions for exiting the building.

If a teacher is not present, students must:

  • Walk (not run) quietly in the direction indicated by the green Emergency Exit signs
  • Descend any stairs or steps carefully
  • Not push or shove or frighten others
  • Exit the building calmly.

Having exited the building, all students must:

    • Assemble with the other students in their Homeroom class to the security area. 
  • Students must line up in silence in alphabetical order of their family name (the order in which they are registered in the morning)
  • Students must remain silent until given further instructions.

The Receptionist will bring the Attendance Registers to Homeroom teachers.

The Homeroom teachers will check that all students are safely present.

The Head of Primary and the Administrator will check that all staff are safely present.