Visitors & Security

The management of visitors is a fundamental part of ARIS security policy for safeguarding and protecting both people and property.

  • A visitor to the campus is defined as any person who is not a student or a staff member of ARIS. This includes parents, visiting speakers and academics, helpers, official inspectors, persons on business, utility providers and contractors.
  • All visitors must comply with ARIS campus rules at all times. For example, no smoking is allowed on campus.
  • Having passed through the external security check, visitors must report to Reception to sign in on arrival.
  • All visitors are issued with a badge to be worn at all times.
  • Visitors will normally be accompanied by a member of staff to their destination and will be returned to Reception by a member of staff in order to ‘sign out’ of school. The badge provided must be returned on departure.
  • Any person encountered without a badge will be asked to accompany a member of staff to the Reception desk or be escorted from campus.
  • Any refusal to cooperate will be reported immediately to the Head of Secondary.
  • Visitors will not remove any items of school property (temporarily or permanently) without the express permission of ARIS staff. A record of any items removed must be kept at Reception.
  • For their own safety, visitors will be given appropriate information on the school’s Health and Safety procedures such as parking, fire safety and first aid.
  • For visitors, the main building has only a single access entrance, via the Reception desk. Only authorized visitors are allowed access.
  • There is a signing in /signing out system at Reception for all parents and visitors / students who are late or are leaving early.
  • Security personnel will closely monitor the movement of vehicles on the school campus and are responsible for supervising contractors.
  • Waste disposal vehicles and contractors’ vehicles have restricted access to the campus to avoid times when students and staff are moving around outside.