School Nutrition

ARIS has partnered up with Servair to cater to both our Primary and Secondary campus for Breaks and fresh and nutritious Lunches. Students can be subscribed to the Servair Breaks and Lunches on a weekly, monthly and semester-wise basis. The breaks and lunches are also made available to students and staff members on a daily basis with coupons, without a subscription, especially geared towards students who would otherwise prefer to carry packed lunches from home.

The Servair Breaks consist of basic snacks like muffins (without frosting), croissants, meat pies, and fruits, and the lunches come in an hour before the lunch break and are served while still hot and fresh. The lunch typically consists of the balanced food categories with starch, protein, vegetables and a dessert (mostly fruit bowls, yogurt or something a little more indulgent and healthy). There are also two different lunch plate options, one of them being the local food option and the other being continental which can be customized based on preferences.

The Servair detailed menu is also updated anytime there are any changes and available on the School Stream App.