ARIS Reviews: Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Aug 13, 2021

 Creativity and Innovation form an integral part of our core values as a school, and we apply this value especially, to almost every aspect of our journey as life-long learners. And thanks to this creativity, IBDP 1...

What is Service as Action - MYP 1 Year 7

Aug 12, 2021

For their first day in Service as Action class, MYP 1 Year 7 Eagles learnt about service and how it benefits themselves and the world at large!Here is what they had to say at the end of the lesson!

Essential Agreements with PYP Year 5

Aug 11, 2021

Essential Agreements are important because they are shared expectations of how students should behave in class. These agreements are drawn by the students themselves!Today, PYP Year 5 Eagles set their essential agreement...

Welcome Back Eagles, The Year of Hopes and Dreams Begins!

Aug 11, 2021

The summer break is over, the eagles are back!It's the first day of school for PYP, MYP, IBCP and IBDP Eagles and already the atmosphere is buzzing with excitement! From drop-off to their classrooms, new and returning st...

Drop-off with Map

Aug 7, 2021

Pick-up with Map

Aug 7, 2021

Happy Founder's Day!

Aug 4, 2021

The foundation that was laid, the legacy that was left behind, our history as a country.We remember all the sacrifices made by our founding fathers. Happy Founder's Day Ghana!