Our Campus is Closed.
Our Learning Continues.

We are virtually learning at this time while our campus is under a government closure decree. Our learning continues, check the ARIS Virtual Learning Programme page (under construction) to know more about how students will remotely continue to study during this time.

For more information on our current school operation level and communication you can contact us, use the following channels:

  • Admissions: +233 54 392 9191 or click on Enroll Now
  • Employment: recruitment@aris.edu.gh
  • Finance Payments: studentaccounts@aris.edu.gh
  • IT Support: support@aris.edu.gh
  • Early Childhood Center: emaatouk@aris.edu.gh
  • Primary School: dsadek@aris.edu.gh
  • Middle School & Secondary School: amukherjee@aris.edu.gh dtham@aris.edu.gh


ARIS Moves to Virtual Learning due to the Covid-19 Arrival in Ghana

May 16, 2020

Dear ARIS Staff, Parents and Students,Yesterday Ghana confirmed the first 2 cases of Covid 19. As we informed you in our previous communications we are escalating our response level. The ARIS Board announced this morning...

A Tale of Two Art Worlds, My Journey Through the Virtual Visual Art Classroom

Apr 4, 2020

I am very happy to share my virtual teaching and learning environment experience. With the advent of the COVID-19, the whole world including bigger organisations and institutions noticed gaps in their preparedness agains...

MYP 1 Virtual Science Postcards and Travel Guides

Apr 4, 2020

MYP 1 Science students are visiting our solar system from the comfort of their homes and sending postcards and travel guides with love. My reflection for virtual learning, week 2 is people do not need to see each other t...


Apr 3, 2020

April is Autism Awareness Month and I want to highlight an important developmental issue related to ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). For those living with ASD language and social development is often rightfully the focus...

Virtual Learning New in ARIS? Our Transition From Brick and Mortar to Virtual

Apr 2, 2020

 All over the world, schools have seen a transition from working as a unit in classrooms and school buildings to working from individual homes and computers, due to the outbreak of the novel COVID 19 virus. As such,...

PYP Nursery Curious Moments Task

Apr 2, 2020

Curious Moments task for the PYP Nursery students had them creating something or sharing something they had learnt during the week! See what some of our eagles made!