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ARIS Moves to Virtual Learning due to the Covid-19 Arrival in Ghana

Nov 16, 2020

ARIS Virtual Learning PlatformThe goal of the Virtual Learning Platform is to ensure learning continues during the closure.  We recognize that the Virtual Learning Platform will pose challenges for families and we w...

ARIS 2020/21 Reopening Plan

Jul 30, 2020

Global school closure in response to COVID-19 has impacted more than 80% of the world student population and at a certain time more than 1.3 billion students and 60 million teachers were asked to stay home. The last 2 mo...

Ready, Set… Checkmate! Youth Online Ghana Tournament

Jun 18, 2020

After all the preparations and registration, The Youth Online Ghana Chess Tournament took place today, 13th June 2020. This tournament was an initiative by two of our IBDP 1 Year 12 Eagles, Abrahim Toutoungi and Shivjyot...

Senses - PYP Year 3 Language Integration

Jun 16, 2020

Learning about senses should be relatable and easy to connect in the real world. PYP Year 3 Eagle here is describing the senses and the thing we get to know through our senses!

Youth Online Chess Competition Ghana- A Dream Come True

Jun 13, 2020

The Youth Online Chess Competition Ghana is an online chess competition on Lichess.org, organized by two of our Eagles from IBDP 1 Year 12, Abrahim Toutoungi and Shivjyot Singh who have always dreamt of organizing a ches...

PYP Year 3 Blog life - Literacy Integration

Jun 11, 2020

Blogging is a very expressive way of recording or “document” a particular journey from any field.Eagles from PYP Year 3 created a beautiful blog on Seesaw as part of their inquiry into the role of literature...

Covid-19 Pandemic - Special Needs Children and Virtual Learning Programme, Emmanuel Ntow Nyarko

Jun 9, 2020

Covid-19 Pandemic - Special Needs Children and Virtual Learning Programme, Emmanuel Ntow NyarkoBy Emmanuel Ntow Nyarko (ARIS PLD Consultant, Special Needs Interventionist and CEO ENNY Foundation)Ghana confirmed its first...