We've Moved our Primary School Campus!

Aug 30, 2021

We have moved from our old campus on Spintex Rd. opposite Casa Trasacco. ARIS has no affiliation with the new school located on Spintex Rd. Please contact us if you have any questions

Primary School New Furniture

Apr 4, 2021

A quick update on the New Primary Building; furniture set up has begun!A few more steps to go and PYP Eagles and Facilitators will be live at the New Primary Campus!

PYP Year 3 Inquiry into the Solar System

Apr 2, 2021

PYP Year 3 Eagles are inquiring into the Solar System but with a twist! What better way to inquire into this, than with a touch of Art! Exhibiting great collaboration skills, the Eagles created this art piece for their A...

Collaborative Learning With PYP Year 6

Mar 30, 2021

While it is great to be an independent thinker and learner, it is equally as important to be a collaborator and a team player. As an IB School, we encourage our eagles to develop skill sets that will take them through th...