ARIS is one of the leading IB World Schools not just in Ghana but Africa as a whole, as it sets on a journey towards inclusion, collaboration, and innovation. The ARIS Educational Model is centered on our students' personalised learning, performance and experiences giving an ode to student agency as they take ownership of their learning.

ARIS is fully authorized with the IB Primary Years Programme, IB Middle Years Programme, IB Diploma Programme, and the fourth and final IB Career-related Programme. The IBCP put us on the map as the first continuum school in Sub-Saharan Africa to offer all four IB Programmes.

ARIS has inculcated the values of global citizenship and international-mindedness right from the early years to the point where we send our Golden Eagles out into the world. Our core values of collaboration and communication, believing in greatness in everyone and teamwork also shines through in our everyday efforts to inspire, empower and transform for a better, and more inclusive world.

With the development and growth of our counseling and support department, ARIS is becoming highly inclusive in a fully integrated curriculum for students ranging across varying needs and abilities and prioritizes student wellbeing with the ARIS Wellbeing Model.

We strongly encourage our students to learn foreign languages, exposing them to different cultures and different linguistic systems, enabling an informed awareness of diversities and similarities in the global community. We currently offer Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Hindi, and Local Languages.

With over 50 nationalities, our students learn to recognize and grow from their cultural roots. We believe that intercultural understanding and interpersonal competencies are essential to modern life and that learning from others is an integral part of forming one's identity.

As an institution that highly encourages collaboration, we include parents of our community in the approaches to teaching and learning. Through applications and software such as ManageBac, Seesaw and School Stream, parents are given a constant update on the learning progress of their children and of all school activities.

ARIS is fortunate to have a highly professional and dynamic team of facilitators, who are committed to continuous professional development. At ARIS, students are by all means at the center of all growth and development as we move towards more creativity and more innovation in order to prepare 21st-century learners for the future full of possibilities that await.