Board of Trustees


The Ghana Islamic Society for Education and Reformation is an Islamic non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 1985 by a group of Lebanese and Ghanaian Muslim philanthropists (Registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare, registration number: D.S.W./4097). GISER supports and operates programmes in three core mission areas: education, community development, and religious awareness. GISER contributes to human development nationally, regionally and internationally through leading by example and sharing its experiences and best practices.

In all of its activities, the Society promotes a culture of religious tolerance, understanding, excellence, innovation, and prosperity. To date, the society manages different educational institutions and programmes including the Madina Islamic School-MIS, the Ghana-Lebanon Islamic School-GLIS, Al-Rayan International School (ARIS), the Arabic Saturday Programme, the Teacher Training Institute, the Quran Teaching College, and the Health and Education Aid Sponsorship Programme.

The ARIS Board of Trustees

The Al-Rayan International School Board consists of elected and appointed members, who are primarily parents of students enrolled in the school and members of the GISER. The Board strives for gender balance and diversity of cultural background, skills, and experience. All members are volunteers.

As the legal authorising body of ARIS, the Board focuses its efforts first and foremost on supporting and promoting the school’s mission, aims and ethos. Furthermore, it appoints and supports the school’s Director, oversees the school’s financial health, in addition to reviewing and updating the school’s policies and procedures.

Every 3-4 years the Board drives the creation of a strategic plan, in collaboration with and informed by contributions from the ARIS community. The most recent strategic plan was presented in 2019 and is currently being reviewed.

The Board consists of 4 subcommittees and holds monthly meetings; also present at these meetings can be any co-opted advisors, along with members of the school's administration, faculty representatives and a student representative.

As is customary, the Board delegates the day-to-day administration and operational decisions to the Director.

Board Composition

Chair and Vice-Chair

The Board Chair acts as a sounding board in weekly meetings with the Director and oversees the composition and functioning of the subcommittees, of which she/he is an ex officio member. In addition, the Chair leads the annual Board induction, presides over Board meetings and presents the annual report at the Annual General Meeting. The Board Chair liaises with and delegates authority to the Vice-Chair as and when needed.

Chair: Nouhad Kalmoni
Vice-Chair: Majed Husseini 



The Finance Committee liaises with the school's Financial Controller and Accountant to provide advice and guidance on all financial matters. In addition, this committee reviews and identifies any issues relating to the school's operating and capital budgets and annual external audit processes.

Majed Husseini
Nouhad Kalmoni
Fatma Odaymat
Abdallah Toutoungi



The Governance Committee ensures effective Board leadership in accordance with the school's mission, ethos, ongoing needs and development goals. In addition, the Governance committee plays a vital role in Board succession planning, orientation, governance training, and Board evaluation. Last but not least, this committee oversees the development, review, amendment, adoption, and annulment of the school's policies and procedures.

Nouhad Kalmoni
Dayna Toutoungi
Dr. Fatma Odaymat
Hazem Chalabi
Abdallah Toutoungi
Reina Hamoui 
Representative from the PSA



This committee collaborates with the ARIS Admissions and Communications Manager and other relevant personnel to support the development of a strong ARIS Marketing and Communications Plan that will strengthen the vision and mission of ARIS now and in the long term. In addition, a current priority is to support the school community in ensuring seamless integration with the new campus in East Legon.

Dayna Toutoungi
Dr. Fatma Odaymat
A representative from the PSA


New School

The New School committee actively collaborates with the GISER to coordinate the realisation of the new school campus in East Legon. 

Nouhad Kalmoni
Dr Fatma Odaymat
Malek El Assaad