PYP Student Handbook

PYP Student Handbook 

The Learner Profile
At ARIS, we believe in the learner profile. It helps us to share our planet and create a better world!  Along with your teacher and classmates, you will learn about the learner profile and have lots of chances to BE the learner profile! 

INQUIRER: I am an Inquirer. I am curious to learn new things. 

KNOWLEDGEABLE: I am Knowledgeable. I learn and share my knowledge with others. 

THINKER: I am a Thinker. I think and find solutions to problems.

COMMUNICATOR: I am a Communicator. I share my views and express my ideas.

PRINCIPLED: I am Principled. I follow the rules and take responsibility for my choices. I am honest and fair. 

OPEN-MINDED: I am open-minded. I respect others’ ideas, suggestions and points of view. 

CARING: I am caring. I try to make things better and more positive. I think about others' feelings. 

Risk-Taker: I am courageous. I try new things and think about how to solve problems. 

BALANCED: I am balanced. I take care of myself and understand it is important to be healthy in my body and mind. 

REFLECTIVE: I am reflective. I think about what works and doesn’t work and take action to improve.

What time does school start?
School starts at 7:45 am and finishes at 3:20 pm. The teacher will be in the classroom at 7:30 am.


If I arrive at school before 7:30 am, where can I wait? 
To allow our staff sufficient time to clean and prepare the classrooms, all students must wait in the PYP Canteen until 7:30 am.

If my car is late picking me up, what should I do?
If you are not picked up before 2:45 pm, we will take you to the reception to phone home.

How many breaks do we have?
You have two scheduled break times during the school day. The first break is a snack time from 8:30 am to 9:00 am in the morning. The second break is a lunchtime at 12:00 pm, followed by playtime.

Do I have to wear a uniform? 
Yes, you have to wear the ARIS uniform every day. PE kit is to be worn only when you have PE or Dance.

Will I have a student ID?
Yes, your Student ID Card will be given to you when you start school and should always be in your bag. Inform the school secretary or your teacher if your ID is lost. 

If I lose something, how will I find it? 
When you lose something, always check the Lost and Found area or ask the school secretary or your teacher for help.

Can I bring toys or Jewellery to school? 
Please do not bring toys to school unless you take permission from your teacher.  Jewellery is not allowed in school as they may get lost. 

Are there any school rules?
At ARIS, we have behaviour standards. You will begin the year by agreeing on the ‘Essential Agreements’ that your class and teacher decide for your classroom rules. Our behaviour standards are based on the belief in equal treatment and that you are responsible for your own behaviour. That means there will be natural consequences to the way you behave. This may mean ‘time out’ or reflecting on your behaviour and how you could do things differently in the future.

Are there any rules for Device Usage?
At ARIS, there is a device policy.

  1. You cannot use your device without your teacher's permission in class.
  2. The device is used for learning and not for playing games
  3. Your Device should be charged overnight before coming to school
  4. You are not allowed to use your device at any zone while waiting to be picked up

Will I get homework? 
Your class teacher will tell you about homework and reading at home. Your parents can help you if needed but you are expected to do the homework that is set and hand it in on time.

Do we have school trips? 
Yes, you might have school trips to reinforce what you are studying in class. 

What should I do if I get hurt on the playground or feel sick? 
When you are playing outside there are always teachers and playground supervisors on duty. If you fall on the playground, they can help or take you to the infirmary to see the nurse. 

 If you do not feel well, then tell your teacher to take you to see the nurse. If the nurse thinks that you should go home, we will call your parents and ask them to come and pick you up.

Important Email Contacts




Evon Maatouk

Head of Primary School 

Ruba M. Abi Saab

PYP Coordinator 

Georgina Wakim

Campus and Facilities Supervisor 

Abigail Tandoh

Primary Secretary