CAS Solo Monkey Sanctuary Trip

Nov 22, 2014

The Solo Forest Monkey Sanctuary is one hour from ARIS in Old Bortianor, the Kokrobite Area. The area is not only covered with Wawa, Odum and Sapele Mohagany trees but is home to approximately 70 Mona and Spot-Nosed monkeys, butterflies, birds, and reptiles. The Solo Spring originates from a nearby highland and runs through the forest which gathers in a pool and serves as the main source of water for the inhabitants. Under law poachers are prohibited to hunt. The 30 acre sanctuary is under tremendous threat from real estate encroachers. 
ARIS students from Year 7-11 and a few friends from LCS, along with the guide are fighting to save the animals and the remaining 30 acres of the 100 acres, as well as, create awareness about environmental issues in the area and throughout Ghana. On this particular trip, students engaged in tree planting, a cleanup of surrounding areas and construction of two simple footbridges across the natural stream.