Poetry Parade 2015

Nov 23, 2015

If prose talks…poetry sings… and we in ARIS want our children to imbibe the art of talking as well as singing. To take this endeavour further, the poetry parade was held.

It was here that the grades ventured further to compete with each other to win titles like…best reflection, best intonation and flow, best innovation etc. The event showcased various genres of poetry all recited by PYPIANS with confidence and enthusiasm. From Chicken soup and rice to Reduce Reuse Recycle, from Mary Angelou to Theodore Tilton, we saw it all and heard it all. Grade 6 even recited the poetry they wrote themselves about their unit.

Grade by grade the students came and stunned the audience. Some used art, some used dance while others used drama. Integrating poetry with various arts seemed to be the highlight of the day. It was a day dedicated to the appreciation of poetry and PYP did it with style and aplomb!