International Day of Disabled Persons

Dec 5, 2017

True to what IB stands for, students had shown and continue to show a great deal of social responsibility and caring to the world around them and to those who are less fortunate than them and that they can give back to.

Giving back does not necessarily have to mean going out of your way to donate money or volunteer frequently at an orphanage or with those who are below poverty line or in poverty. Caring for those around you, and part of your community also shows a large step towards Social Responsibility. At ARIS, students made posters and stood up for People with Disability on International Day of Disabled Persons. They spread the message that it is cruel and wrong to bully or “Dis” those who suffer from disability and lessened the gap that has been formed between them and PwD. Altogether a large step taken to promote ARIS and its community as a welcome and inclusive one.

ARIS MYP and IGCSE students use International Day of Persons with Disabilities to increase awareness on campus. ARIS is known as an all inclusive school, our students are aware of the challenges that persons with disabilities face on a daily basis. This collaboration between students and staff took on a life of it's own as students created awareness posters, and raised money to help students at New Horizon School, and design our support room remodel, enhancing the secondary support room.