Stay Connected

Aug 8, 2018

Communication is a big part of the ARIS Culture. In case you ever wondered, who is uploading all those Articles and posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s the Communication Team at ARIS. Our presence on our website and all social media, are not just for our evidence, but to make you feel like you are just as much a part of our learning and growing community that we hold dear to our ARIS Story.

That said, yesterday the Admission and Communication Manager, Madam Dayna Toutoungi, held a Communications Presentation explaining our marketing campaigns, the social media processes we follow and the rules and regulations of it that adhere to our Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct, and also the General Data Protection Regulations.

With ARIS being an increasingly digital school, classroom interactions and research and social media behavior of students and teachers is to be kept within limits. Facilitators have to advise students about profile and age restrictions on social media. Moreover, any contact through a non-official medium is not permitted according to our policy, this would include emailing (through non aris emails), whatsapp, photo tagging or any social media.

With the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), what we share on any form of social media or communicate to one another or have in our electronic devices that represents anything/anyone as a human being, is to be shared only with explicit consent. Confidentiality, and consent was also discussed at the meeting.

Communications Team also serves as the #Hashtag Police! To keep uniformity in the hashtags that we use on social media, come any event or activity, the hashtag is to be passed through or given by the Communications Team, as it is a branding instrument.

All that being said, the most EXCITING news that this Academic Year brings is the launch of our new Al-Rayan International School SchoolStream App! We are so proud of it and all the ease it brings to communicating swiftly between parents, facilitators, administration and the whole ARIS community! From consent forms, to field trip forms, to important conferences, to important dates, events, activities and more, you will get a notification so that you stay informed and connected!

To download, get the School Stream App onto your phone, and type in – Al-Rayan International School. Easy as that!

Get connected, Stay Connected!