Welcome Back! 2018/19 Marks the ARIS' 15th Anniversary

Aug 8, 2018

The pride and joy of our school, our students, have come back for another great Academic Year ahead! Welcome back! There are new things to learn, new skills to acquire, new ways to hone your creativity, new friends and connections to make, and of course new memories to cherish! This Academic Year 2018-19 also marks ARIS’ 15th Anniversary!

Before the Class Gates opened, chatter filled our courtyard as the students hugged one another and talked on about their holidays, where they went, what they did, who they met and a whole lot of stories. You would have felt the excitement as the students went on to class to see how their Homeroom Facilitators (at Primary) decorated their Classroom for the next year.

Some doors had students’ pictures with a “Welcome back, the Beauty of (this class) is You and Everything about You”; other doors had all of the students’ names decorated on building blocks saying “All the pieces build to a Great Year!”.

A little peak into each of the classes, and you could see that one group was playing with blocks, while another was trying to make flowers and shapes with decorative paper, and in some classes, the peers were just catching up!

Today, and every day forward, just as we did before, let’s remember to keep the collaborative spirit in ourselves alive and know that “Together, Everyone Achieves More!” as spotted in the hallways.