What's New?

Aug 17, 2018

Phase-2 Construction has begun, and soon the ARIS Secondary campus will start looking different!

Over the holidays, the campus was busy with various construction projects. The canteen was relocated and rebuilt, the basketball court is new, and the parking lot underwent minor cosmetic changes as well. But the biggest project that all of this has been leading up to is the Phase-2 Project.

The previous canteen has been demolished and the land has been cleared and temporarily divided inside our campus to start building the ARIS Primary school (which is in the plan for the next 2 years). All of this is within one great plan of building what will be known as the ARIS International School Complex, which is aimed to house 1200 students.

The construction, when finished, will have 4 building blocks, with a separate Early Childhood Development Center, Counseling Center, EAL and SEN Centers, Amphitheatre, Multipurpose Hall, Science Labs, ICT Labs, Media Labs, Primary and Secondary Library, Performing Arts, and Fine Art and Design Workshop, among other facilities.

For now, what you will probably see when you come into our ARIS Secondary Campus, soon to be Main campus, is our Phase-2.

Big things await!