Congratulations ARIS UCMASGH Winners!

Dec 13, 2018

ARIS was proudly represented at the 23rd UCMAS International Competition 2018, held in Malaysia, by our 2 PYP Students, Malek and Muskaan, who were a part of the Ghana UCMAS Team!

UCMAS is a Mental Arithmetic programme designed to stimulate children’s brain activity and of course, their Numeracy skills. ARIS, as part of their Saturday programmes also offers UCMAS, which both Malek and Muskaan along with other students are a part of.

To go on such a big international platform, and hold the responsibility of representing not just ARIS but Ghana, as a whole, is not an easy task! All the participants of the Ghana Team should be proud of themselves for that and all the hard work they put in. Malek and Muskaan also achieved a great deal at the event!

Malek got the 1st place, just after the UCMAS Grand Champion, and Muskan came 2nd! We are so proud of not just their achievements, but also their presence at such a platform! Go Eagles!

Let’s never forget to Inspire, Empower and Transform for a Better World!