De Bonos Thinking Hat - Year 4

Dec 6, 2018

The PYP develops Critical Thinking Skills in the students. There are various learning strategies to encourage and practice critical thinking skills, one of them being the “De Bonos 6 Thinking Hats”.

In “De Bonos 6 Thinking Hats”, each hat targets one type of a thought process and allows children to think towards one direction. These are what each of the hats focus on:

White Hat: Facts

Red Hat: Feelings

Blue Hat: Control

Green Hat: Creativity

Yellow Hat: Positivity

Black Hat: Negativity

With these hats used as a learning strategy, the students are able to critically analyze what they are thinking about.

As an exercise, Madam Sandeepa, for Year 4 got an Advertisement Banner (UoI), and had the students wear these specific hats and critically analyze the advertisement!

Ones wearing green, spoke about the creative aspect, ones wearing black spoke about the negative aspects, or what they would change, ones wearing red spoke about the feelings invoked in the ad.

What a creative way to learn! Stay tuned for more PYP Classroom Learning Stories!