PYP Classroom in Focus Year 4A

Dec 6, 2018

PYP Classroom in Focus!

This week the classroom is Year 4A!!

In a PYP Classroom, the environment and the ambience play an important role in the students’ learning. To get into the mood, and delve into the inquiry, the feel of the classroom should be such that reflects entirely about the current unit of inquiry.

Right now, the current UoI for Year 4 being Advertisements, our PYP Coordinator and their Class Facilitator, Mme. Sandeepa, went around finding various advertisements that could be pasted and decorated all across their classroom, creatively.

Mme. Sandeepa recalls that when they were just about to begin their unit, the students’ interests and excitement were low. When the ambience of the classroom changed, the students also were found to be more actively participating and enthusiastic. The classroom environment encourages students to be more proactive, plus, seeing these advertisements every day in the classroom, also subconsciously creates a memory of how an ad should ideally look!

They are now learning about different types of ads. They have also been learning about the ethos, pathos and logos of the ads. Soon, they will be making their own ads of different kinds.