An Amazing Recycling Masterpiece

Feb 12, 2018

What gives way to being open-minded and unleashing one’s creativity, than an Art Project? This is especially so when its Voluntary work, each person volunteering in the artwork feeds off of and gets inspiration from another persons work. It becomes an amalgamation of different thought processes and creativity, coming together to tell a story.

ARIS celebrates and encourages children to be open-minded, to think outside the box and to be creative, among other values to learn. If you have not come across it yet, there is an art project which is the ARIS logo made entirely from e-waste. This was made as part of the ‘Recycle Art Project’. Environmental issues and climate change has become one of the most important contemporary issues being talked about in this day and age. With so many new technologies and gadgets, none of which are very durable in the long term, many things go into the e-waste pile - this can range from a phone cable, to micro-chips. The Art Department at our school said that they used landline cables, charging wires, memory cards, phone or laptop battery parts, and also acryllic paint.

Our students were reflective and echoed the importance of recycling and up-cycling into artwork that now looks extremely cool and futuristic, ready to come alive. Upon asking the Art department, they said that it started by asking any student who passed by to help contribute into this art project, as and when it was needed. Eventually, more students started coming in intermittently and contributing to it to make it what it is. Roughly, 10 to 15 students participated in this project from multiple years. One parent, Madam Emilia, contributed a lot too into this project, by bringing in various parts of phones, laptops, wires and more that could be used in the project.

An amazing, eye catching piece of work to not just reflect the concept of Recycling in today’s world of affairs but also a look into the talent and the awareness of our community.