Blue House Wins Secondary Quiz Competition

Feb 8, 2018

Its House Quiz time at ARIS! On 7th February afternoon, a General Quiz from 12:40 to 1:15 was held among the Secondary students at ARIS. Anyone could participate from Year 7 to 10 in the four houses - Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Each house had to have 2 members from a younger class and a senior class.

Mr. Ishmael conducted the quiz and divided it into 3 Categories - Literature, Science and General Knowledge, respectively. Its in these Quiz events, that you find out how much the students will know outside the classroom and their awareness. True to the profile of the month, 8 students, juniors and seniors were Risk-takers and got up to stage to take part in the quiz.

For the Red and Green House, two students among the audience, for each house, also volunteered to take part, in the midst of the quiz, as a replacement. It spurred them on and demonstrated the true spirit of teamwork and fun in activities that give incentive to learning.

Here’s wishing a big and hearty Congratulations to the Blue Team for winning 1st place with 8 points! In 2nd and 3rd Place were the Green House with 5 points followed by both the Red and Yellow House with 3 points each.