Drop Everything and Read in 7 Languages

Feb 6, 2018

Who said Mondays have to be dull? DEAR (Drop everything and Read) is something to look forward to every Monday for the IBPYP pupils! Even more so this week. This Monday DEAR was conducted across all the 7 languages at ARIS – English, French, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, German and Mandarin.

DEAR in itself promotes the habit of reading among children at an early age. Reading becomes a medium of fun and learning as well for these students. Often we read to even look for answers to various questions. Now, even if we were to look back on books we read as children, we gather a completely different perspective to it.

This week, we took a step further and combined reading to also learning languages. Finding a balance in academics (languages) and the fun of reading was imperative to this well-rounded session. We believe that a DEAR session on every Monday morning, gets their thinking caps on and spurs their communication skills for the week to follow, as they learn new words, phrases, concepts and even languages.

We pride ourselves on the importance given to so many different languages in our vibrant and international community. Students are exploring new languages and understanding new cultures on their journey to being global citizens of the world.