Taj Mahal, Art of the Week

Feb 21, 2018

ARIS is a multicultural community with a large population of third culture kids. Being a third culture kid has its advantages of course, the exposure and unique cultural experience that it brings on is unparalleled. But, ever so often, their curiosity and awareness of their origin gets translated into their work as well.

Sara from Year 8 has done so beautifully through her painting of the ‘Taj Mahal’ in Agra, India. If nothing else, one look at this painting and you will be transported into the place she depicts. The idyllic way of drawing the intricacies of the architecture of the Taj Mahal, and surrounding it blue waters and clear blue sky gives off so much peace and serenity, that it had to qualify as the Art of this week. Cuts the stress right out, doesn’t it?

Sara told us that since she grew up here in Ghana, she wanted to paint this as an ode to her origin in India; as a way to signify her awareness of her roots. What better way to do so than paint that, which is one of the world’s 7 wonders and a UNESCO Heritage site in India.

Stay tuned to follow the Artworks of the Week all made by our multi-talented students at ARIS!