‘Who needs a Superhero when you have a Dad!” PYP Father's Day Out

Feb 10, 2018

‘Who needs a Superhero when you have a Dad!”

With that spirit, this Friday it was a successful “Father’s Day Out” at Primary School today among the Playgroup and Nursery little ones. All the Fathers unleashed their child-like persona and were ready for some fun with their children. Many fathers and their children even came in matching outfits.

From painting your Daddy’s face on a rock, to molding it with play dough, to drawing your father’s favorite food and favorite things to do, lots of interactive activities were planned and set up. In each class, from 8 am to 9 am, fathers and their children were for the fathers and their children to do together, in pairs. Now, they can never say that they’ve never had amazing group partners.

Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia was also just a father this morning, as he joined his little son in making a little glitter and sticker filled submarine, out of play-dough. Safe to say that it might not be a typical Friday for him, eh?

We firmly believe in the spirit of letting lose once in a while, whether its for the students or ourselves and in this case, even the fathers. In fact, one father said that it was “amazing to get to spend time and actually see what my child is doing and be a part of it, because most of the time, we all can only spend quality time with them on weekends”. Another father even said that he felt refreshed and young to be among so many little children and get immersed in such activities.

 It was a stress-busting, fun-filled start of the day this Friday for both the little bears and their Papa bears. Happy Weekend everybody!