Postcards from the Eagle CoderZ

Jun 8, 2018


As our ARIS Eagles Coderz proudly represent ARIS and Ghana at the First Lego League at the Estonian Open, the heat is on!

These are the instances where instead of being intimidated by a world level competition, you take it as a great opportunity to learn from other teams and take it in your stride.

Although the first round for the Eagles Coderz did not go as well as they had hoped, after the judgment, the Project and the Core Values went successfully!

Today is the last day at the First Lego League, Estonian Open, and as much as they have learnt and look forward to next year’s competition, they also had unforgettable experiences. One of them that we got a sneak peak of, is of the Eagles Coderz touring around the stalls and taking a picture with the décor at the British stall. More specifically, as close as they can get at that moment, to take a picture with the Queen!

We can’t wait to welcome them back home!