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ARIS PSA International Day 2018: Weddings Around the World

In a school with more than 40 different nationalities, it is only fitting that we celebrate it in the best way possible! This International Day was a huge success, with more than 1500 guests and contributors to the event.

The theme of the 2018 Annual International Day was ‘Weddings around the World’, and boy, was it as grand as you’d imagine a Wedding to be! Weddings are a big social and cultural event across cultures and communities around the world – right from Costumes to rituals to celebrations to food. It showcases the essence of one’s culture the most.

Countries – Ghana, Lebanon, Turkey, USA, UK, Germany, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, South Korea, to mention a few, decked up each of their stalls with colors, cloths, photo booths and little samples of food that is traditionally celebratory food, to be served at weddings. The participation and execution of each stall was unique and formidable, and one of the guests spoke for all when he said that it felt like he was “travelling the world in one afternoon.”

While there were different countries’ stalls, there was also a stage set up for cultural performances by each participant country. This was inaugurated by our ARIS Students who proudly marched forth with all of the flags that are of all the nationalities of the ARIS Community, and placed it on the stands on either side of the stage. Dr. Fatma, the Director, reminisced that when she started at ARIS, there were less than 10 different flags, and now there are more than 40. A vivid and visual representation of not just the multicultural environment in the everyday lives of the whole ARIS Community but also the overall growth of ARIS.

From folk songs, to dances, to wedding cultural procedures, the stage was busy with parents, students and teachers who came together to deliver beautiful performances, all decked up in traditional wedding attire. The efforts and organization of the entire event was also well reflected in the involvement of Horses. The grandeur of weddings was surely not skimped on, at International Day!

As with every event and experience, we learn and reflect. International Day was grand, stylish, fun and educational! We celebrated our diversified cultures in style, as it should be. A big Thank you to the ARIS PSA does not come close to how much hard work was put into making the event a success. We can’t wait for next year’s!


We are all prepped up for International Day tomorrow! Our multicultural community at ARIS has really come along full swing, with this year’s International Day. There are over 40 different nationalities here, and we can’t wait for the different foods, costumes and activities and much more. The theme is Weddings around the World, exciting to see the different colorful wedding attires. Not to forget the Raffles (10 GHC) to win amazing prizes.

Please note ARIS Students, Staff and Parents can enter free, the entry fee for others is 5 GHC. Don’t miss it! See you there!