Nature Walk Year 1

Mar 12, 2018

Nature walks are something that we rarely go on in our busy schedules. Our little Eaglets went on one around the Primary School, with pencils and a clipboard to document the living and non-living things that they see around them.

It sure is a fun way to get around and explore their surroundings, and learn at the same time. They were all spread across the school courtyard as some children looked curiously up at the tree and some looked down at little growing buds and flowers, while some went to the benches and playground to look around. Finally, they all sat around a bench, and they each got a chance to name 3 non-living and 3 living things, of which most of them had completely different answers.

It not only encourages independent thought, but also inquisitiveness and the sharing of ideas which are vital lessons to learn and keep with you from an early age to the rest of their lives.