The Vibrancy of Ghana Shines Bright on 6 March Independence Day

Mar 12, 2018

While the Ghana Independence Day went by last week, we got a chance to really introspect and think about the place we all call home – the history of Independence, the vibrancy of Ghanaian culture, the plurality of regions in Ghana and more.

While the day before the 6th of March (Independence Day), on 5th March, the Primary students celebrated the Independence Day at their Assembly (see article), our Secondary students celebrated it a little differently. With the maturity and the values of Research that comes with the MYP and DP programs, our students at Secondary put on presentations by different groups of students representing each of the regions across Ghana.

Right from Year 7 to Year 12 participated in the Assembly, as each year had a group of students meant to represent Northern Region, Eastern Region, Upper East Region, Western Region, Upper West Region, Volta Region, Ashanti Region and Greater Accra region. While some students came with power-point presentations, others came on stage directly and spoke about the culture from these regions, different trivia, population, ways of livelihood and so on. Some students even had props of Plates of Food from certain regions, while others performed a traditional Dance from their designated region.

Altogether, an educational Assembly, to truly educate and emphasize the need to be aware about the country we all call home, and appreciate the multiculturalism of Ghana in itself.