Body Systems

Oct 10, 2018

The current Unit of Inquiry that the Year 4 students are engaged in is “Body Systems” under the Trans-disciplinary theme – “Who We Are”. Body Systems is a Science Based Inquiry and the students are full of questions as they delve into the complexity and inter-connectedness of body systems.

They are learning about the 9 Body Systems –

· Circulatory System

· Digestive System

· Endocrine System

· Exocrine System

· Lymphatic/Immune System

· Muscular System

· Nervous System

· Excretory System

In the enquiries into these systems, students are learning about how each system is related to one another and each serves an essential purpose in our bodies. They are learning about the internal functioning of our body systems and how each of it affects our external well-being and reflects on our bodies. They are asking various questions about different organs and its purposes, like the tongue, gullet, alveoli and more!

To guide the inquiry, Madam Sandeepa, their Facilitator for the Unit, has involved them in a collaborative Art Project. The whole class has a huge chart in the middle of the classroom where students are working together in a group to draw interactive and detailed body systems!

They are in the process of this creative activity which once finished will be a great reference to look back to when continuing on this inquiry. Moreover, this activity will help students also retain their knowledge and learn better about the body systems as they keep asking questions as they go.

Stay tuned for the finished project!