Fun with Shapes Week Grande Finale!

Oct 8, 2018

Last week was ‘Fun with Shapes’ Week and on the last day, all students from Playgroup, Nursery and Reception was involved the same activity! This one had more to do with Creativity and Apparels!

Students were told to bring their plain white t-shirts and were given different shapes cutouts and stencils that they would use to paint in the t-shirt those specific shapes. Students had shapes of all kinds and sizes for them to get creative with, and were given paintbrushes and fabric paint.

Painting is always a very popular activity among the Early Years. It allows them a way to express themselves creatively and also improves on their tripod grip, among other fine motor skills.

Children across the three Early Years classes went outdoors or stayed indoors with their little white t-shirts as they painted in different colors and shapes on them! Bold fashion choices, we tell ya!

They had a great time, and they will have the t-shirt they made as a memento for the fun filled shapes week! Here’s to many more themed weeks as such!