Happy Teacher's Day ARIS Facilitators!

Oct 5, 2018

Happy Teachers Day Everyone! As Kahlil Gibran says “You are the bows from which our children as living arrows are sent forth.”

Our Student Representative Committee, over the course of the week, have been planning for the Teachers Day Celebration, and keeping us on our tows of what we might expect! Teachers Day celebrations exceeded our expectations and our SRC members really made sure that every single staff member felt special, on this day!

Teachers Day celebrations started with a great Assembly put together at the ARIS Secondary Campus. It was well decorated and entirely student organized with assistance from the ARIS Event Committee Members. Students came dressed as Teachers, and one by one, a teacher and his/her counterpart were sent on stage as a pair! It was amazing to watch their impersonations of their teachers and everyone cheered!

There were also a multi-cultural set of performances by our students. A group of Turkish students sang a Turkish Teachers Day song; there were poem recitations by two different students, a beautiful Flute ensemble by one of our students, and also a Dance.

The SRC also called together all the Co-curricular Music Facilitators who gave a mind-blowing performance! The Jazz that they played got the whole of Secondary to put their dancing shoes on as they got in pairs and danced on stage. Students with their counterpart Teachers and the rest! As they neared the end of their first set, the whole crowd shouted “Encore! Encore! Encore!” which gave us a second set! As the Jazz band played, Dr. Funke (our Head of Counseling and Support) and Mr. Harwell (our IBDP Coordinator) gave us a groovy performance and they were joined by their two counterparts, eventually bringing everyone on stage again! Celebrations all around!

But the day doesn’t end! Our Student Teachers to give their Teachers a day off, also took over their roles whether it be in the classrooms teaching with a full lesson plan or on the desk or even around the school. While in their duties, the SRC Members with the money raised on the Bake Sale they held earlier on, also distributed tasty Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes and also Pizzas to all the Faculty and Administration!

Fun and Laughter is all around the campus! The students really outdid themselves and left no stone unturned to make everyone feel special and appreciated for the roles that they take on with grace and determination, every single day. This will definitely not be a Teachers Day to forget, and will go down in ARIS History!