Poetry Parade 2018

Oct 12, 2018

This year’s Poetry Parade, was a blast, just as any other year! Poetry Parade among our PYP Students gives them an avenue to express themselves powerfully! Everyone has a voice, and Poetry Parade propels every single student from Year 1 up to Year 6 speak out through the creative medium of Poetry!

The children were all excited to present the Poetry Parade skits that they had been practicing over the past couple of weeks to all their friends, parents and the judges. The Judges today were Mrs. Ritu Dhar, our Head of ARIS PSA, our SENCO Mr. Emmanuel and our ICT Facilitator.

The students presented a wide range of poems by famous poets and authors – from Shel Silverstein to Maya Angelou to Khalil Gibran to William Shakespeare and much more! They presented on a wide range of themes and topics from poems about Perspective (The Blind Man and The Elephant) to poems about Technology and even poems about War, Peace and Conflict!

To think that the children are also getting exposed to such a wide range of rich literature is beautiful! It’s a great event to promote literacy as well as their communication skills and of course their confidence.

Every single student in every class should be applauded for being such great orators, performers and risk-takers! Congratulations to all of them!

A very special Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Poetry Parade:

First Category

1st Place: Year 2A (Walking the Dog)

2nd Place: Year 2B (We’re Glad Your Nose is On Your Nose)

3rd Place: 1A

Second Category

1st Place: Year 3B (Maya Angelou’s Hopscotch and Alone)

2nd Place: Year 4A (The Blind Man and the Elephant)

Third Category

1st Place: Year 5C (Technology)

2nd Place: Year 5B (A Ghost Who Loves the Movies)