Year 1 Students, not your Ordinary Superheros

Oct 12, 2018

We are citizens and we have superpowers! Our Year 1 Students have put up very creative displays just outside their classroom, of Superheroes! Upon further inspection, we found out that they are not just ANY Superheroes, they are the Superheroes that the students see themselves as!

We are surrounded by superheroes every day! As they say, all superheroes do not wear capes. Being good human beings, being kind, being strong, being a good friend, and much more can be looked at as traits of us, as our own superheroes. We cross hurdles and fight our own battles on everyday basis, no matter how young and old we are! That makes us all superheroes with ‘real life’ powers that we can use at school, at work, at home and anywhere we go!

While some students wrote that their power is to be “helpful”, another student wrote that their power is to “behave” and some others wrote that their superpower is to “play nicely”.

What an empowering activity! It was so exciting and cute to see all of the Superhero avatars that the Year 1 students imagine themselves, as. Maybe we could even try to do that for ourselves. So much to learn from our little ones!

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