Library Time in the Early Years

Sep 14, 2018

At ARIS, we strongly encourage Reading as a regular practice among our students. Every Monday, we have a DEAR Day which is short for – “Drop Everything and Read”. Before we begin our day and week ahead, we start our week by reading something. This incurs the habit and the eternal love for reading.

Our Early Years students even have ‘Library Time’, where the Facilitator leads them to the PYP Library to pick out a book and read together. An imperative part of the Literacy Programme at our Early Years is through Jolly Phonics.

Through the child-centered approach in Jolly Phonics, students in their early years are learning how to read through learning sounds, learning the blending of these sounds, tricky words and more. Furthermore, the Nursery Facilitator in this case also has undergone specific training on Jolly Phonics.

To strengthen the literacy learning, there are activities and there are also guided reading sessions in the library. Children pick out their favorite book, and either read it by themselves or read it with a friend. This puts all the Jolly Phonics into practice and encourages reading habits from an early age. Also, it’s a great collaborative activity to read with a friend.

Learning is lifelong indeed, from the earliest of years onwards.