Literacy Integration in our Nursery Class: Writing 'S'

Sep 14, 2018

Literacy Integration in our Nursery Class happens in various ways – Writing Formation, Linking Objects to Beginning Sounds, Letter Sounds and more. All of this comes under the umbrella of the Jolly Phonics Approach to Teaching and Learning Literacy among the Early Years.

The way that Jolly Phonics is taught and literacy is integrated, overall, in our Early Years is through the Montessori Approach. Through the Montessori Approach, there is hands-on learning and collaborative activities where children play an active role in their learning processes.

Through these approaches, all the letter sounds, formations and tricky words that the children are learning in Jolly Phonics is complemented and applied to activities that reinforce effective literacy learning. Activities are multi-sensory with actions and more that develops children’s understanding of how language works.

Last week, the Nursery children were involved in an activity concerning the sound and the formation of “S”. They have been learning the letter sound of “s”, and they know how it looks, and the words that begin with the “s” sound, thus, their writing and formation of “s” is equally important.

“S” is a letter with two curves. In the activity, the facilitator had traced an “S” on the whiteboard, for the students to then get their respective cars to drive around the “S”, and make the curves.

This helps in their tripod grip and also the development of their writing skills for a full and effective literacy integration from the early years!

Stay tuned for more such activities to find out more about our Early Years programmes and approaches.