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Welcome Back PSA BBQ 2018

Welcome or Welcome back to ARIS!

To say that the 2018/2019 PSA Barbeque was a success would be an understatement, thank you ARIS PSA! The ARIS PSA Barbeque is an annual community event to bring our diverse community of Teachers, Admin, Parents and Students together to share a meal and get involved in fun community building activities!

The whole community came in their comfortable wear ready to get involved in all the activities that were set up. But first, the food! We had our wonderful PSA sponsor the meal packs – vegetarian and non-vegetarian, and also were catered by Salt n’ Pepper with their samosas, mini pizzas, spring rolls and watermelon juices. We also had Kebabs being made fresh on the grill and to freshen and cool things up, Fruit Popsicles!

We are very serious about our food! It’s the center of all enjoyment!! Simultaneously, our Sports Team and PSA were also conducting various activities for Parents, Students and Staff to get involved in and compete! There was the Lime and Spoon Balancing Race, the Sac Race, Tag, Basketball (Thank you to the ARIS PSA for the Basketball Court too), Football and even a Dance Battle between the Staff and Parents versus the Students! It’s quite difficult to tell who won the Dance Battle, as both sides went Footloose! Additionally, there was also a Toddler and Younger Children’s Play Area set up with their Jumping Castle and a Mini Rail Track.

All around the PSA seamlessly executed the event through constant monitoring, serving at the Coupon table and interacting with new and familiar parents.

This year’s PSA BBQ was a great Family and Staff Event to remember. It brought our families together and introduced the new families to the vibrant ARIS culture! Here’s to a great year ahead!

Remember always that ARIS Cares!