ARIS Enhanced PYP Workshop with Parents

Dec 5, 2019


The Enhanced PYP enforces the Student Agency, which gives the student ownership, voice and choice of their learning.

As a community, we embrace this enhancement, as the learning journey of our students has become more practical, innovative, and creative with a lot of critical thinking applied. However, learning for children does not take place only in school. It also takes place in their homes. This being said, do parents provide the right environment or portray the suitable attitudes that our students can look up to, to become the learners they should be? Do they also understand how teaching and learning are going on in the classrooms of their children?

To address all these, an Enhanced PYP workshop was organized today, for parents, by our PYP Coordinator, Mme. Sandeepa Chavan. In this workshop, parents went through series of sessions discussing what it takes to be a learner, what it takes to be a PYP learner, and finally what it takes to be an Enhanced PYP learner.

Who is a learner?

Working in groups, parents came up with answers that varied from anyone to everybody regardless of age, race, and gender who is willing to acquire knowledge formally or informally.

Who is a PYP learner?

Going further, and still in their groups, parents identified that PYP learners as compared to regular learners are more independent in their thinking, openminded, take more risks in their learning journeys, communicate with clarity and are reflective of their actions with regards to learning. In short, they exhibit the profile of an IB learner.

Who is an Enhanced PYP Learner?

Mme. Sandeepa explained to parents that the Enhanced PYP Learner is one who takes control of his or her learning, taking into consideration the unit of discussion and the concepts being discussed, and making connections to the world in which they live. It gives the students room to explore and be innovative, of course, with the guidance of their facilitators who are essential supporters of their learning progress.

The workshop had parents identify what learner profile they required to be successful in their field of work or life in general. Taking all these profiles and positive attitudes to their homes is a sure way to encourage our students to be the learners they ought to be and to be inspired and empowered to transform for a better world!

Kudos to all who attended!