ARIS News with Sara Mattouk 1 February 2019 C&Y Slime inc.

Feb 1, 2019

The ARIS News is an extra curricular club that provides an opportunity for students to develop their journalism, speaking, listening, and writing skills, not to mention, video and technology all in one setting! The ARIS News anchor, Sara Mattouk reports news weekly,  simulating the work of a real news reporter.  Senior News Editor is Shikha Jaswal and our ARIS News field reporters and news editors and Mustafa Saleh Moussa. The new ARIS News Cameraman is Kshivod Jaswal. The news reports are filmed and edited by the ARIS News team members.  The students meet every Friday and film live interviews by asking questions about school and classroom activities.  What a wonderful collaboration between staff and students!