ARIS Phase-2 Construction Begins, Happy Birthday ARIS!

Feb 12, 2019

This academic year is a big one for ARIS!

Along with ARIS’ 15th Anniversary, this year, we are also starting up our Phase-2 Construction at our ARIS Secondary Campus (soon to be our main campus). The plans of shifting our Primary School up to the main Secondary Campus, along with various other infrastructural developments, has been a part of our 2 year plan for a while, and we have been leading up to the moment where it actually begins.

On Tuesday, 29th January 2019, it is our pleasure to announce that we will be breaking ground for the new land, marking the official start to our construction.

For our 15th Anniversary, ARIS will also be hosting a Fundraising Gala Dinner to raise funds for the infrastructural developments to improve the quality of education within ARIS and our growing community.

We are so happy to share this milestone and stay tuned for more!