Flight #7 Workshop on Thinking Big

Feb 22, 2019

Flight #7 Workshop on Thinking Big, definitely got our students doing just that.

The artist and sculptor, Mr. Nana Anoff, came by to do a workshop with our Art students to talk to them about Recycled Artwork and its impact. The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize themselves with how to use recycled objects to make other things.

While Flight #7 is a beautiful example, on quite a large scale, he encouraged students to think beyond Flight #7. Rather, to think about the implication of a structure such as Flight #7.

The big takeaway was about students conceptualizing their experiences, emotions and what ever they see or do into their art. Moreover, connect their everyday art into what happens in the real world.

Students have started working on recycled art projects, one of them being a fish morphing into a submarine using just recycled material. Stay tuned!