Mindfulness: Stress and Time Management Workshop

Feb 22, 2019

With their IGCSE Mocks having come to an end, the final IGCSE Exams are closer than they were. That must be quite stressful, right?

Our Personalized Learning and Support Department, Dr. Funke and Mr. Henry, today dedicated their day to our Year 11 class in a Stress and Time Management Workshop. Exchanging tips, working together and getting creative.

Their day started with a warm-up exercise, followed by various activities. For example, an activity called “Teeth” where students would not show their teeth while communicating with one another. Students who scored the highest points in a Time Management activity also discussed and shared their tips and strategies with the rest of their class!

The final aim of the whole workshop was for groups of students to get creative and design a stress and time management App! Each group drew a logo, mapped out what the app would do, theme song and much more. Some spoke about how their app would log in their bedtime, others would have inspirational quotes coupled with many more facilities.

It’s great to see them so engaged and let out all their creative energies to relieve stress!