PYP Inquire into Measurement

Feb 5, 2019

To inquire into Measurement, Year 1 students took part in an activity set up with the following questions: Who is the tallest? How did you know?

Numeracy learning can be all around us! The students were set up with resources - non-standard units of measurements, like cubes and blocks, along with the standard units of measurements, like measuring tape and rulers.

The facilitators would read questions aloud, and the students would go on their mission to find out who is tallest with solid proof using either of the measurement units. While some used the given blocks, some also went on to use their rulers, and some used their own bodies to compare. They were given complete freedom to also measure all other things that they saw in the classroom, like the measurement of a chair, or a board, or a pen and so on.

Upon completion, they were given the task to reflect and fill up the class poster with what they have learnt.

What a wholesome and fruitful learning activity, we sure wish we were a part of it!