The Milking Cow

Feb 5, 2019

The current unit of inquiry for the Nursery and Reception students is Food! In order to integrate French into the unit, the French facilitator set up a make-shift activity to milk a cow. The central idea being that food goes through a process of change, the activity allowed the students the opportunity to inquire about milk, where does it come from and how?

The activity had a cute cow placard and below it, rubber gloves with holes pricked at the tip. Once the glove was filled with milk and tied together at the other end, it would resemble the cow’s teats. Each of the students got their own turns to squeeze the rubber glove fingers and amused to find out how the milk comes out!

The same activity has also been integrated into the Nursery Arabic classes.

Isn’t that neat? Everyday, learning is a new adventure at ARIS.