Thinker, A PYP Profile Assembly

Jan 31, 2019

Every month end at the PYP Campus calls for a Profile Assembly.

The Profile Assembly is a task assigned to a specific class to present anything regarding the Profile of the Month. This month, Year 4 A and B went up on stage to present on the IB Learner Profile, Thinker!

Year 4A mimicked a classroom interaction where each student got up and asked the other a riddle, if they got it wrong, they wold say to “think harder” and they would get the right answer. Year 4B also got up and presented quotes on thinking and thinkers, and as they did, students came forward holding placards that spelled out “Thinker” to the audience!

The assembly concluded with certificates given to students from each class who presented the best of a learner profile, in the month. For example, in Year 1A, the best balanced student would be someone and so on. These also add to House points!

The class with the most house points for January 2019 is Year 5C and the House with the most points is Yellow House in the PYP Campus.

Stay tuned for next month’s Profile Assembly.