Congratulations Class of 2019, "Follow your Ikigai"!

Jun 23, 2019


"Follow your Ikigai" - Dr. Fatma Odaymat, ARIS Director.

This is the message that was passed on to our Class of 2019 as they get ready to embark on their respective academic journeys ahead. Follow your ikigai, essentially means to follow the thing that makes you who you are; the intersection of what your mission is, your profession, vocation, and most importantly, what you are most passionate about. That which you are good at, that which you love, that which the world needs, and that which you can be paid for.

Solid advice that applies to every single person out in the world discovering themselves! The ARIS 2019 Graduates, or Golden Eagles as we so fondly call them, are going on new trajectories of self-discovery in various parts of the world with the education and values that have been imbibed in them by their families, facilitators, and friends. We do not doubt for a second that they will succeed so long as they remain "kind, open-minded, honest and fearless in their pursuits", as their Head of School, Mrs. Alpana Mukherjee advised.

This batch has been particularly commendable. The Class of 2019 graduated confidently with the highest global reach as every single student got placed in various universities across all the continents. One of our graduates, and Class Valedictorian, Master Muhammad Ali is also the first ARIS recipient of the AISA Excellence Award. This is the first time since our AISA Membership and also since Dr. Fatma, our Director got appointed as one of the AISA Board Members. The High Commissioner of India to Ghana, H.E Birender Singh Yadav, was also our Guest of Honor at the Graduation ceremony, cheering the Class of 2019 on!

There is so much promise. Each class that we proudly graduate are our Global Ambassadors as we have imbibed in them the values of International Mindedness and Global Citizenship. Class of 2019, always remember that ARIS will always be a part of your narrative, and your life story as you find your ikigai, and so will you always be our Golden Eagles!